Diana Schutt Franklin is known for her ability to connect to others in a completely nonjudgmental, safe space, where stigmas do not exist. Her approachability encourages sharing and vulnerability. Her sincere belief that you have the ability to thrive and the right to feel joyful allows you to visualize your own possibilities, supporting you as you take manageable, tangible steps toward reaching your dreams.

Diana is an iPEC Certified Professional Life Coach and is Director of Admissions of a private school. She holds a Masters degree in Special Education, a Bachelors degree in Psychology, is an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, and is a Reiki Master. She loves the energy of a group of people gaining personal insights and inspiring one another, and finds fulfillment in running coaching workshops. She finds purpose in sharing her own experiences through inspirational speaking engagements, where through storytelling she can make a personal connection.

Diana is a proud mom whose children’s interesting life journeys have taught her many lessons, including how empowering it is to be able to choose your response to life’s surprises.  She blogs regularly, sharing how this plays out in her life, in real time. She has personally experienced and witnessed how by changing your mindset, you can create the future you desire.

She would love to partner with you as you dare to dream. You only have the one life right now – let’s make those dreams come true!

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