Dare to Dream!

And then let Diana help you make your dream a reality!

Put yourself as the priority for a half-day retreat as you are pampered, inspired, and find your own clarity and vision. Discover what would truly fulfill you and what has been getting in your way. Enjoy the energy of the group as we laugh, share and help one another. Get on-the-spot coaching as you begin to create your future.

Once you give yourself permission to ask for what you really want, you will have a lot of fun making a powerful vision board that will inspire, remind, and guide you as you step into the future that you are creating.

Enter your next year with your intentions set!

Some Reflections from Our Dare to Dream Retreats:

  • DTD Retreat is empowering, refreshing & simple to find the information & people relateable. Diana makes the room, fill with joy, flow and of course, vision. (Meg Conkling @curlyhairalchemist)
  • Loved this day! This helped me clarify my intentions & now the goal is how to make it come to fruition (Marjorie)
  • I have been working on trying to rid myself of the negative thoughts in my head and to enjoy and appreciate the joys which I have iun my life. I feel like the retreat has helped me to continue on my journey forward and have given me strength to reach my goals. (Jaclyn)
  • I loved it! Everyone really opened up. The whole experience was very therapeutic.
  • Loved this opportunity to do some reflecting. hearing the worries/goals of others made me feel like I’m not alone with my thinking. This was EXCELLENT. (Christina Felix)
  • Amazing experience! So much fun!Q Loved doing the vision board. (Stacy Pucillo)
  • This was a moving and motivating experience that came at the very right time!
  • It was just what I needed to get started! (Jodi Becker)
  • This was a true vision quest for me. I got to even make a connection with the “me” from a year from now, while being present with the “me” of today who has blocks she needs to move. (Jen Eliel)
  • I actually realized my power to overcome any negativity that comes my way- I am a very positive person (with a void) but NO MORE VOID. (Lynne)